Group booking application

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  1. 請於參觀日期前兩星期至三個月內申請。

  2. 如預約確認後本館會回郵確認表格,請出示表格之電子檔或申請編號並於參觀當日到科學館售票處繳費取票。

  3. 繳費方法:參觀當日到售票處現場付款;倘以支票付款應提前七個工作日向澳門孫逸仙大馬路澳門科學館財務部收提交支票,支票抬頭為「澳門科學館股份有限公司」。

  4. 若懸掛三號或以上熱帶氣旋信號,科學館有權按實際情況及因安全理由關閉場館。若於原定參觀時間前兩小時本澳已發出八號或以上熱帶氣旋信號,有關的參觀安排將被取消。

  5. 申請人如需更改已提交的申請,必須先取消原有的申請後再重新填妥表格。

  6. 個人資料(私隱)收集聲明: 閣下於表格內所提供的個人資料只作處理申請及查詢之用。

*Booking organisation
*Contact person name
*Contact person position
*Telephone Mobile
*Exhibition Center
drama, demonstration or dramatic guided tour
dramatic guided tour(If applicable)
Programme name
Programme name
Program details
Do you need a disabled seat
(If necessary, please comment on "other requirements")
If you are booking the entire space(60人)
please choose programme language
Additional fees will be charged if normal booking is made
Please gather in the lobby of the planetarium 10 minutes before the opening
Planetarium can accept up to 127 people to make an appointment
Other requirements
公函(If applicable) [jpg,png,jpeg,doc,docx,rtf] Upload